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tuna fruit with anise

today, the 16th of September is Mexican Independence Day, & we celebrated it last night with "El Grito." this MNDAY morning, I chose to make a breakfast recipe using my favorite Mexican fruit, the tuna. its green, fresh, & juicy consistency, accompanied by the anise tea, will prepare you to start celebrating on this special MNDAY morning!

the flowers surrounding the plate are bugambilias & grow abundantly in Mexico!

the tuna grows on the cactus plant, & the picture above shows how it grows!

(takes 8 minutes & serves 4)


4 tunas

1 tsp dark brown sugar

2 tsp ground cinnamon

4 tsp anise tea


1. slice the tunas into 1" thick rounds.

2. place 1 sliced tuna on each of 4 plates. sprinkle brown sugar & cinnamon over the tunas. drizzle the anise tea over them & serve.


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