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butterscotch pudding

this smooth & gooey butterscotch pudding will make your Saturday morning!

(serves 4 & takes 15 minutes)


½ cup heavy cream

2½ cups whole milk

1 cup sugar

¼ cup water

3 large eggs

3 tbsp cornstarch

¾ tsp salt

½ tsp vanilla extract


1. in a small bowl, combine cream & 2 cups milk. set aside. in a medium saucepan, heat sugar & water. stir until sugar is dissolved. then, boil, without stirring, swirling pan occasionally. when caramel is an amber color, remove from heat & slowly add milk mixture. whisk until caramel is dissolved.

2. in a small bowl, whisk eggs, cornstarch, salt, & the remaining ½ cup milk. stir into saucepan & over medium heat, whisk until thickened.

3. transfer to a bowl & stir in vanilla. serve warm.


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